LeapFrog PL, established in January 1998, provides a range of products and services to assist approved providers to develop sustainable quality improvement systems and processes for safe, quality consumer centred care and services.

Our quality management system has been developed by Principle Consultant, Heather McPhee, Master of Health Management, Registered Nurse with a Bachelor of Nursing. Heather has expertise in clinical governance, compliance, risk management and continuous improvement.

The Quality Management System or parts have been purchased by over 700 aged care sites throughout Australia and has been sold for use in Ireland and China.

When adapted and implemented as intended the Quality Management System consistently meets the residential aged care accreditation requirements.

Our policies and procedures are being continually updated in response to changes to regulatory requirements, standards and evidence-based guidelines. Many of our clients subscribe to receive updates and find that this is both a cost and time efficient way to keep their policies and procedures updated.

We have assisted over 250 residential aged care organisations to develop sustainable quality improvement systems and supported many organisations to overturn non-compliance.


Internal and external review provides quantum leaps in improvement referred to as ‘leapfrogging’ continuous improvement

- (McNair 1992)