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The Oct 2019 update focused on completing the review and update of the Infection Prevention & Control and Cleaning procedures in accordance with the updated Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare as well as related guidelines.

Infection Prevention & Control Pack for Standard 3!!!

• Infection Prevention & Control process (includes policy and procedural steps for standard and transmission-based precautions), antimicrobial stewardship and related forms ($255 ex. gst) • Blood/Body Fluid Exposure Management and Flowchart ($35 ex. gst) • Gastroenteritis Outbreak Management procedure and forms ($165 ex. gst) • Respiratory Illness Outbreak Management procedure &...
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The June-July 2019 updates focussed on Restraint Minimisation, the Activity Program, an Antimicrobial Stewardship Program, Infection Prevention & Control in accordance with the updated Australian Guidelines for the Prevention and Control of Infection in Healthcare. Internal audit sheets and competencies are being updated as policies and procedures are updated.

Restraint Minimisation

A comprehensive review of the Restraint Minimisation procedure and related forms has occurred in accordance with updated references including the 1 July Quality of Care Amendment (Minimising the Use of Restraints) Principles 2019 requirements. The procedure includes; a consumer-centred approach to Behavioural & psychological symptoms of dementia and restraint alternatives, definitions and examples of restraint,...
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The April 2019 updates focused on Position Descriptions, Staff Orientation and Staff Development.

All 29 position descriptions have been updated in accordance with the new Aged Care Quality Standards requirements and the Clinical Governance Framework developed in the March 2019 update. Duty statements have also been updated. Management 1. CEO/General Manager 2. Director of Care 3. CFO/ Finance Manager 4. Site / Facility Manager 5. Quality & Risk Manager – includes Privacy & Complaints...
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