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Please email your order to: quality@leapfrogpl.com.au

Or give us a call Phone/Text 0407 519 902 (office) or Heather 0408 519 902

Email Delivery: Products are provided electronically either as a zipped file or a OneDrive link for larger files.


Payment can be made by:

  • Cheque

  • EFT- please refer to order the form for our bank details

  • Part Payment (instalments) - this option is available by arrangement only.


Please allow 7 days for delivery.

Email Delivery

There is no charge for items that are made available electronically.

Email delivery of large files is provided via a OneDrive link.

Site Licenses

A 25% Site License Fee per site for additional sites is available which entitles the organisation to use the document/s at other sites (electronic copy only).

If a set of folders is required with an additional site license investment for a full set of additional folders is $650 (ex. GST).

Annual subscriptions

Our policies and procedures are being continually updated in response to changes to regulatory requirements, standards and best practice guidelines.

All policies and procedures have been referenced to the Aged Care Quality Standards and we are transitioning to the new requirements.

Many of our clients subscribe to receive updates and find that this is both a cost and time efficient way to keep their policies and procedures updated.

Annual subscriptions are available for clients who have purchased complete manuals/folders. A Subscription entitles you to a an electronic copy of new and updated documents throughout the year related to the products you purchased.

Please Note the Subscription is not a compliance service.

A Subscription price varies according to the number of manuals/packages purchased.

A 50% Site License Fee per site for additional sites is available which entitlies the organization to use the document/s at other sites (electronic copy only)

Subscription for a complete Quality Management System

Price: $890.00 (ex. GST)

Subscription for additional sites for a complete Quality Management System

Price: $445.00 (ex. GST)

Please indicate on the order form your interest in an Annual Subscription.

Subscription Update Guides

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