Care Plan System


The Care Planning System is a paper based system which is being used by many large, medium and small organisations providing residential aged care

Feedback about the care planning system is that;

  • Assessments are quick and easy to complete
  • The forms are easy to use as they have clear instructions for staff
  • It provides increased quality of information to provide care
  • Developing a care plan takes less than half the time of the previous system.

The care plan forms are provided as Microsoft documents and can be adapted for your organization.


Admission Forms
Admission & Discharge Details $20.00
Admission Process $25.00
Australian Privacy Principle Policy $25.00
Initial Assess and Interim Care Plan $30.00
Consumer and Family Orientation Program $20.00
Belongings List $20.00
Respite Admission Process $20.00
Respite Assessment & Care Plan $30.00
Consumer and Family Orientation Program $20.00
Consumer Consent $15.00
Advance Care Directives $15.00
Personal Values & Preferences $20.00
Assessment Forms
Social, Cultural, Spiritual & Interests Assessment $40.00
Sexual Health Assessment $30.00
Smoking Risk Assessment $20.00
Medication Assessment $25.00
Self-Administration Medication Assessment $25.00
Pain Assessment $25.00
The Consumer’s Verbal Brief Pain Inventory (RVBPI) *Free
ABBEY Pain Scale *Free
Palliative Care Assessment $25.00
Nutrition and Hydration Assessment $40.00
Diet and Assistance (Respite) $20.00
Skin Assessment $40.00
Braden Scale for Predicting Pressure Ulcer Risk  (requires copyright permission to use this tool – go to: *Free
Foot Care Assessment $30.00
Continence Assessment $40.00
Cognition, Mental Health & Behaviour Assessment $40.00
Pyschogeriatric Assessment Scale (PAS) – Cognition *Free
The Cornell Scale *Free
Confusion Assessment Method (CAM) *Free
Mobility Assessment $30.00
Physical Mobility Scale Assessment *Free
Physical Mobility Scale Summary *Free
Falls Risk Assessment $20.00
Oral And Dental Assessment $30.00
Communication and Sensory Loss Assessment $40.00
Sleep and Rest Assessment $25.00
Respiratory Assessmnent $15.00
Social, Cultural, Spiritual & Lifestyle Assessment $40.00
Sexual Health Assessment $30.00
Plans of Care
Decision-making Capacity Assessment & Support Plan $20.00
Consumer Risk Assessment & Management Plan $35.00
Social Leave Plan $20.00
Restraint Management Plan $35.00
Sexual Health Plan $35.00
Care Plan $55.00
Short Term Care Plan – Blank $12.00
Short Term Care Plan – Gastroenteritis $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – Respiratory Illness $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – Scabies $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – Respiratory $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – Eye Infection $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – UTI $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – Diabetes Sick Days $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – Constipation $15.00
Care Plan Summary $25.00
Smoking Care Plan $12.00
End of Life Care Plan $30.00
Dietary Requirements $20.00
Fluid Restriction Plan $12.00
Mobility/Transfer Plan $20.00
Physical Therapy Assessment & Plan $40.00
Motorised Mobility Aid Assessment & License $25.00
Motorised Mobility Aid Agreement $25.00
Wound Assessment & Management Plan $30.00
Diabetes Management Plan $25.00
Enteral Nutrition Management Plan $25.00
Social Leave Plan $20.00
Advance Care Plan $ Free
Restraint Authorisation & Monitoring Plan $25.00
Social Leave Plan $20.00
Progress Notes & Related Forms
Leave Days Record $15.00
Consumer Health Conditions $15.00
Progress Notes $20.00
Transfer Letter $20.00
Handover Sheet OR Consumer Database $20.00
Referral Form $15.00
Health Practitioner Visits $20.00
Return from Hospital Checklist $15.00
Missing Consumer $20.00
Respite Record $15.00
Consumer Database  Excel spread sheet for key consumer information. Various lists can be printed from the spread sheet– at least 19 as indicated.  Refer to the Guide provided to assist with data entry and printing) $150.00
Consumer Details List OR Consumer Database $10.00
Health Check Monitoring OR Consumer Database $10.00
Physical Therapy List  OR Consumer Database $15.00
Medical Practitioner List OR Consumer Database $15.00
Care Plan Consultation Contact List  OR Consumer Database $10.00
Appointment List  (e.g. for podiatrist, hairdresser) $10.00
Evacuation List  OR Consumer Database $15.00
Consumer Immunisation Register  -  Consumer Database
Continence Products  -  Consumer Database
Dietary Requirements List OR Consumer Database $10.00
Drinks List OR Consumer Database $15.00
Meal Choices   OR Consumer Database $15.00
Do Not Serve List  OR Consumer Database $10.00
Charts and Records
Clothing Repair and Replacement Chart $20.00
Restraint Alternatives Trial Chart $20.00
Physical Restraint & Bed Pole Monitoring Chart $20.00
Activity Participation Chart $20.00
Health Monitoring Chart (Obs Chart) $30.00
Frequent Observations Chart $30.00
Blood Pressure Monitoring Chart $20.00
Neurological Observations Chart $30.00
Recognise and Respond to Deterioration Record $25.00
Medication Self-Administration Monitoring Chart $15.00
Anticoagulant Monitoring Chart $20.00
Pain Management Chart $20.00
Pain Management Therapy Chart $20.00
Upon Death Record $20.00
Upon Death Record $15.00
Meals & Drinks Assistance Assessment Chart $20.00
Fluid Balance Chart $25.00
Food and Fluid Chart $25.00
Weight Monitoring Graph $20.00
Nutritional Supplement Chart $20.00
Hygiene and Grooming Assessment Chart $20.00
Hygiene & Skin Care Chart $20.00
Hygiene & Grooming Chart $15.00
Bowel Chart $20.00
Continence Assessment Chart $20.00
Toileting Assistance Assessment Chart $20.00
Urinary System and Ostomy Care Chart $15.00
Dialysis Care Chart $15.00
Behaviour Assessment Chart $20.00
Sighting Chart $20.00
Hip & Head Protector Observation Chart $20.00
Sleep and Rest Assessment Chart $20.00
Sleep & Rest Record $15.00
Peak Flow Readings Chart $15.00
Respiratory Equipment Chart $15.00
Tracheostomy Care Chart $15.00
BGL Monitoring Chart $20.00
Enteral Nutrition Administration Chart $20.00
Enteral Nutrition Tube Care Chart $20.00
Review & Evaluation
Care Plan Evaluation Schedule OR Consumer Database $15.00
Care Plan Evaluation (& Prompts) $30.00
Consumer of the Day $20.00
Care Plan Evaluation Flowchart $25.00
Change of Dietary Requirements $15.00
Weight Management Flowchart $25.00
Weight Monitoring Summary $20.00
Changed Behaviour Flowchart $25.00
Post Falls Management Flowchart $25.00
ACFI Classification
ACFI Appraisal Pack Cover $15.00
ACFI Appraisal Pack Checklist $15.00
ACFI Classification & Rate Calculator $25.00
ACFI Summary & Re-appraisal Due Dates OR Consumer Database $15.00
ACFI Re-appraisal Process $20.00
Activity Program
Individual Activity Program $20.00
Activity Groups OR Consumer Database $20.00
Activity Program Calendar Planner $20.00
Weekly Activities $25.00
Individual and Small Group Program $20.00
What's on Today $10.00
Activities Program Guide $40.00
Birthday List OR Consumer Database $20.00
Cultural & Religious Requirements List OR Consumer Database $15.00
Religious Visitors List OR Consumer Database $15.00
Planning and Evaluating an Outing $20.00
Outing Checklist $20.00
Outing Register $10.00
Care Planning Resource Booklet $100.00
Consumer File Framework   $10.00

* All prices exclude GST

Complete Care Planning System: $2,500.00 (ex. GST)

* Copyright material distributed free with the purchase of the complete Care Planning System

Short Term Care Plan Pack

Short Term Care Plan – Gastroenteritis $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – Respiratory Illness $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – Scabies $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – Respiratory Infection $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – Eye Infection $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – UTI $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – Diabetes Sick Days $15.00
Short Term Care Plan – Constipation $15.00

*All prices exclude GST

Pack of 8 Short Term Care Plans: $105 (ex. GST)