Management Manual

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This manual contains the policies and processes/procedures related to; governance, leadership and risk management, continuous improvement, comments and complaints, regulatory compliance, human resource management, staff development, information systems, inventory and equipment and external service.

Governance and Risk Management Policy & Process – includes forms such as;

  • Committee terms of reference (9)
  • Meeting agenda and minutes form
  • A Strategic Plan Report Template
  • Strategic Plan Objectives Template including a Diversity Action Plan
  • A Clinical Governance Framework Template

Risk Management procedure - includes:

  • Risk Matrix
  • Risk Management Plan with an example risk profile
  • Project Risk Management Plan.

Whistleblower Protection procedure - includes:

  • A Whistleblower Disclosure Record
  • A Whistleblower Disclosure Record Template

Strategic Plan Objectives Template including a Diversity Action Plan

A Clinical Governance Framework Template












Quality Improvement Policy & Process – includes procedures and related forms for:

  • Document Control
  • Review Procedure
  • Internal Assessment
  • Benchmarking and a Quality Indicator Program
  • Regulatory Compliance
  • Complaint Handling
  • Continuous Improvement Flowchart only
Compaint Handling procedure, forms, template letters & report

Complaints Management Flowchart only

Financial Management Policy & Process
The process includes the requirements of the Aged Care Act, Accountability, Fees and Payments and User Rights principles effective 1/7/2014

  • The Financial Management process and related forms
  • A Financial Arrangements procedure and related forms
  • A Prudential Standards procedure and forms including a New Consumer Checklist
  • A Financial Information booklet
Administration & Information Management Policy & Process - covers the requirements to comply with the Australian Privacy Principles and Victorian Health Privacy Principles.
Includes procedures and related forms for:

  • Office Administration
  • Office Equipment
  • Payroll Procedure.
  • Information Technology & Social Media.
Human Resource Management Policy & Process – Includes; 29 position descriptions, and 5 duty statements, staff & volunteer handbooks, a Personnel Database and procedures and related forms for:

  • Staff Recruitment, Selection and Appointment.
  • Staff Appraisal - the appraisal system is linked to Position Description skills & performance outcomes
  • Performance Management
  • Staff Development
  • Police Checking
  • Volunteer program.
  • Workplace Equal Opportunity
  • Dispute Resolution
Personnel Database –The Personnel Database integrates 17 staff and volunteer related Registers, lists and schedules into the one spreadsheet with tabs for:

  • Board members
  • Administration
  • Nurses
  • Personal Carers
  • Lifestyle
  • Catering
  • Cleaning, Laundry & Maintenance
  • Health Professionals (Employed, not contractors)
  • Volunteers

The purpose of the database is to maintain accurate records of key information relevant for each work group:

  • Contact details  and emergency contact details
  • Appointment details
  • Orientation dates (organizational & departmental)
  • Appraisal initial and annual
  • Police checking details & Statutory Declaration date
  • Driver’s licenses (car / bus)
  • Qualifications
  • Annual Mandatory training
  • Competencies completed for the year
  • Education Attendance for year
  • Immunisation for Flu
  • Termination date

Once data has been entered into the spreadsheet various columns can be selected to create and print lists and reports as required.   Whilst a Printing Instructions Booklet is provided to assist with printing customized lists staff using the spread  sheet will need to have some idea of how to use Excel.  The spreadsheet can be saved and updated for each year.

Duty Statements (5) - Consumer care, Catering, Cleaning & laundry, Administration and Maintenance and grounds. $50.00
Recruitment, Selection and Appointment Procedure, forms and staff hanbook $350.00
Staff Appraisal Procedure and Appraisal form and Staff Training Plan form $45.00
Performance Management Procedure and Performance Improvement Plan and template warning letters $50.00
Staff Development Procedure and forms $100.00
Police Checking Procedure and forms $80.00
Volunteer Program includes volunteer position description, volunteer handbook, application form and agreement form and template letters. $200.00
Workplace Equal Opportunity Procedure and forms for parental leave and flexible working arrangements and template letters $65.00
Dispute Resolution Procedure and forms and template letters $90.00
Purchasing Policy & Process - includes forms such as;

  • Stock Control Lists (Spreadsheets x 6)
  • Product evaluation
  • Instrument of delegation.

Also has a contractor Management procedure with related forms such as;

  • Selection of suppliers
  • Supplier Agreement template
  • Supplier orientation
  • Supplier orientation
  • Supplier evaluation
  • Supplier handbook
Service Environment & Asset Management Policy & Process includes forms such as;

  • Asset Register & Maintenance Requirements
  • Preventative Maintenance Calendar
  • Maintenance Schedule
  • Job Card
  • Mixing Valve Monitoring
  • Thermometer Calibration Record Sheet
  • Job Safety Analysis and Safe Work Method Statements Register
  • Job Safety Analysis
  • Consumer’s Property List
  • Status Report
  • Equipment Safety Checklist
  • Corrective Maintenance Book
  • Confined Space Entry Permit
  • Safe Work Method Statement (WorkSafe Template)

Also has procedures with related forms for;

  • Essential Safety Measures Management
  • Legionella Control in the Water Distribution System
  • Electrical Safety
  • Isolation, Lock out and Tagging (Plant & Equipment)
  • Working at Heights 

*All prices exclude GST

                                                        Complete Management Manual: $3,600.00 (ex. GST)