Pet Care Plans


Pet Care Plans Pack of 6: $125.00 (ex. GST)

The purpose of the pet care plans is to ensure pet care needs are met and to reduce the risk of transmission of infection and vermin such as; fleas, worms.
Each care plan includes relevant care needs for the type of pet e.g.

  • Cat - diet, grooming, elimination, flea and worm treatment, vaccination, claws
  • Dog - diet, grooming, elimination, exercise, flea and worm treatment, vaccination, claws
  • Birds - diet, lice, cleaning of cage
  • Chooks - diet, lice, cleaning of pen
  • Fish - diet, care of bowl
  • Rabbits / Guinea pigs - diet, grooming, health, living environment

The care plan can be customised for your pet - including a calendar for when activities are to be completed. The primary carer signs when activities such as;  flea treatment has been completed.


Pet Care Plan Individual: $25.00 (ex. GST)